Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Film Review: Olympus has fallen

Olympus Has Fallen

Holy Cow. I'll Keep this short and sweet! Right saw this last week as my boyfriend was lucky to grab some free tickets two days before the film was released. typically we were late for the film and normally catch it just at trailers (my fave) but it being a special viewing we ended up missing a few minutes of the film. Nonetheless we learnt Mike (Gerald Butler) was an ex Presidential guard and he clearly isn't keen on his downgrade job. Washington is under attack by Korean Terrorist and its a one man job done by Mike to save both the President and America. He obviously succeeds.
This is one of those films that I get all giddy because the hero defeats the baddies, and with a little humour too 'Lets play a little game of Fuck off - You first' Brilliant. Its like Avengers and all that, except without all the costumes. I absolutely hate violence so there was a few times where I had to turn away, especially as our lateness meant front row seats! I didn't mind it though coming from Butler as he was doing it to help when no one else could! They tear up the White House too, looks awesome.
The movie was very clever though, major propaganda going on. You literally watch this film hating Koreans. Even though they are like a random select, not just Northern, you leave the cinema with major hatred. 
I loved it, totally kicked ass. Butler was great. It appears Action is Antoine Fuqua's forte, not that i'm generally an Action fan, but this one ticked my box!
Recommend, fo' sho'.
Story: 7/10   Ironically believable
Acting: 8.5/10 Butlers strokey lip only added to it
Cinematics: 9/10 fantastic

Have to add, That after we saw the film, we got home to discover the Boston Bombing had just gone on, which is terrifying after seeing that. Immeadiately I thought KOREA! And that is awful, but RIP to those whose lives where cut short due to crazy preachers who are morons! Was frightening after seeing Olympus though! 

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