Monday, 11 March 2013

Film review: Flight


I have been wanting to see this film since I first heard of it. I almost, naively thought it could cure my fear of flying... I was wrong. The films protagonist is played by Denzel Washington, his character is called Whip. Whip is an alcoholic who uses cocaine to straighten himself out after pounding back the drinks. He is also a pilot. The story is based upon a crash that takes place when the plane malfunctions and the plane plumets nose first to the ground, it 'dives' in their terms! On board the plane the flight attendants have to rescue a couple of situations, resulting in themselves not doing so well.. one was a fellow drunk. However, Whi[p takes full control of the situation and stops its full on crashing. It still crashes but thanks to his expertise only 6 out of 102 die. Its a loss none the less but nothing on the entire plane.
The film then focuses on his behaviour after this, we see into his already failing life. In hospital he meets another addict and they become very close. Yet he doesn't admit hes an alcoholic or user. His arrogance throughout is very slimey. The crash wasn't his fault but you do wonder if had he been in a sane state of mind if he'd of done better. We know he thinks this too, with his first attempt to give up the drink. 
He has a trial to determine his fate, his lawyer is very 'killing' his blood report, so Whips alcohol found in his system is ruled unworthy. So it all depends on Whip, whom even now is drunk.

Now I have to say, I wasn't a major fan of the film. I am an awful flyer and watching their turbulence was enough to make me unsettle my stomach and make me feel ill! So i don't recommend if you are the same. Especially when they say no other pilot after a simulation was made of the crash, could land the plane... all aboard died. And that was before the crash. The crash itself made me nauseous. Amazing as he was, It was horrid.
The story too, you are constantly disappointed with him, genuinely wanting him to sort himself out and take some responsibility... Im glad with the ending though. He needed it.

It was different, but i wont be watching it again... Ever. The effects were fantastic, like I felt I was in the plane with them. Obviously this could be because of my own insecurities but i'm aware, technology needs flight simulations to be as real as possible so this definitely helped the film! However, other than that, there wasn't much else.

Story: 6.2
Acting: 7.3
Cinematics: 8.5

Acting wasn't Denzels finest but it worked with his role, The other actors were typical of themselves, but impressive none the less.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Message from me!


Sorry I'm not very good at this, I see films so often I could literally post once or twice a week to my millions of readers (sarcasm) but alas I'm talking to myself.. so I haven't. I get that I need to build things to read for people to want to read! (make sense? no? neither!)
Well... I want to make more sense of my film related posts: I will define the film, the screen-wright and directing in relation to the movie. May or may not comment on the acting - sometimes the film blatantly needs critic for fantastic or poor performances but for films such as 'I give it a year' the acting isn't quite as major as the story and hilarity over take. I will rate out of 10 for Story and Acting. Then also I might include Cinematics for special effects or Soundtrack if the music is high in portrayal of the story. And As I go on I'll see if anything else pops up, or maybe suggestions would be nice. I am new after all! 

Until next time!
A :)

I Give It A Year

I Give It a Year

     Okay, basically I didn't have high hopes for this film, British comedies have not the best reputations but this one is British with a not so British main cast. I wanted to see it but I expected most of the funnier parts had been given away by trailers... Very glad to say, I was wrong - It was hilarious. British comedies are very much me, That dry sense of humour that Americans can't grasp. Don't get me wrong Id move there tomorrow if I could but Britain just get humour.
      Written and Directed by Dan Mazer who co/wrote and directed a lot of Sacha Baron Cohen's work, such as Ali G, Borat and The Dictator... All brilliantly funny. 
      The story is simple, a couple of not very long, tie the knot. Its obviously from the start where they contrast and are clearly not made for each other as they naively had thought. Everyone but them seems to know this too! Anyway, the story unfolds, revealing an ex of 'Josh' -Rafe Spall- and a new interest in 'Nat's' -Rose Byrne- work place to which she hides her marriage. Both of the, shall we say "pot stirrers" are ironically American too, the irony being it's a British comedy and their parts played by Anna Faris (chloe) and Simon Baker (Guy) were pretty funny at times! 
      Without giving the ending away, its actually not how I expected the film to go. Nat and Guy are the two who come from privileged families and have that level of class where they are slightly above and more beautiful. Whereas Josh and Chloe are down to earth charity workers and writers its obvious who should be with who but the two carry on with their marriage as suggested by a Councillor who's, by the way personal life is a wreck and clearly hates all men. Fantastic character!
All I can say is it is a fantastic film, if you love a dry sense of humour, go!
My favourite character was the best friend played by Stephan Merchant - The kind of person who goes too far and doesn't know when to stop in an already bad situation, definitely my kind of person. He was so amusing!

 Story: 9.4
Acting: 9/10
Soundtrack: 10/10
Wasn't much call for cinematics/special effects.

All in all, I recommend this film. Will definitely be watching it again.. There were moments in the Cinema where I couldn't even catch my breath from laughing.