Friday, 1 March 2013

Message from me!


Sorry I'm not very good at this, I see films so often I could literally post once or twice a week to my millions of readers (sarcasm) but alas I'm talking to myself.. so I haven't. I get that I need to build things to read for people to want to read! (make sense? no? neither!)
Well... I want to make more sense of my film related posts: I will define the film, the screen-wright and directing in relation to the movie. May or may not comment on the acting - sometimes the film blatantly needs critic for fantastic or poor performances but for films such as 'I give it a year' the acting isn't quite as major as the story and hilarity over take. I will rate out of 10 for Story and Acting. Then also I might include Cinematics for special effects or Soundtrack if the music is high in portrayal of the story. And As I go on I'll see if anything else pops up, or maybe suggestions would be nice. I am new after all! 

Until next time!
A :)

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