Thursday, 11 July 2013

Film Review: Now you see me

Now You See Me...

I took my two younger brothers to see this film as a little birthday treat. Can't deny, I was looking forward to seeing this film too and for good reason! I loved it. The film had elegance, comedy and of course - magic!
The film is basically about four magicians who specialise in different things. They are brought together to pull off three big blind acts in order to get into the inner circle called 'The Eye'. We soon find out that they have no idea who is making them do these things or if there will even be any result from it. Meanwhile the FBI are hot on their trail, but also way behind... Or are they?
The twist is brilliant. I guess it is because the actor/actress is so good in their original part and there is a few red-herrings - I never saw it coming, even though it was really blindingly obvious afterwards. One of those moments that make you want to kick yourself.

Fantastic though! Had Jesse Eisenberg playing a typical Jesse role, with a little more arrogance. Isla Fisher was his old assistant but had now gone on to do her own thing - She was a little cheesy in her role in my opinion... Dave Franco - He's definitely come along way since Scrubs! And hmm his goofy voice still gets me! Now, Woody Harrelson I am beginning to really rate him, absolutely love his acting, hes so well cast in this film... A mix of jack ass and hilarious. And of course Mark Ruffalo, I love him, He was brilliant in 13 going on 30, he was the best Hulk I've ever seen, and for a minute in this, I worried this role had ruined my idolisation of him... but fear not - it didn't :)
Not to mention Morgan Freeman and Sir Michael Caine never disappoint... Even if I was sat wondering if/when Freeman was going to doze off!

The 'magic' in the film was pulled off quite well, but of course it was going to be... They have an editor to ensure that! Stunts were cool, can't help but get a bit giddy over these things! Definitely recommend if you're up for a laugh and a little bit of a puzzle. Only thing, can't deny I didn't get a bit lost in the big reveal haha but it all makes sense eventually! And I was unsure on whose side I should be on!

Film - 9.0
Acting - 8.2/9 (for some)
Cinematics - 8.9

Bravo - You surprised me Louis Leterrier!

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