Monday, 6 January 2014

Film Review: American Hustle

American Hustle

As you know I am quite in love with the cinema and this weekend I went to the big screen to see American Hustle. A story where 'everyone hustles to survive' and supposedly some of it is true... Yeah right! Written and directed by David O. Russell the plot is set in seventies and based around Irving Rosenfeld who is a born and bred hustler. Irving is played by Christian Bale who does not look good in a fat suit! 

Irving is trapped in a marriage with Rosalyn, played by the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence, he is trapped because he adopted her son and loves the boy more than anything. He's having an affair with his new right hand lady Sydney (Amy Adams) the two get themselves into trouble though and are stuck helping the FBI in order to save them selves heavy time.

The agent who caught them doing fraud is Richie DiMaso, a stubborn man who is desperate to become a somebody in the field instead of a desk jockey. He stupidly gets carried away and starts framing and and going after the wrong people and poor Bradley Cooper looks to inevitably land on his... um bottom!

I enjoyed this film. Jennifer Lawrence had quite a comedic character and she made the film in my opinion. I don't know if you can tell but I feel like she is really doing fame right. Seeing her take on a new style, nailing the Jersey accent and her portrayal of the ditzy housewife was spot on.

I felt Amy Adam did well in her role, except she flits between Sydney and Edith - her English hustler self. With this is an English accent which was quite good and typically posh but my only issue was sometimes with her 'Jersey' she would slip and it would be a mixture of the two accents... Other than that I liked her - minus the home wrecking part!

Bale was pretty flawless too. He is typecast usually to be a serious man - hello Batman! - and this film wasn't too different to be honest. He was in his element with a little extra to tackle and he does it really well.

The other actors involved are on top form. Cooper has a bit of a slimey scene where he is quite intense with Sydney and he is horribly convincing but this is the sign of a good actor!

I feel the film had its ups and downs. The linear story line follows a man who is involved in dodgy dealings and they only get worse. I loved the unexpected humour and the fact it wasn't taken too seriously. What I liked most of all though was probably the ass kicking in the style of hustling. I get giddy when people win by being clever. Obviously don't do it but hey watch it!

Recommend this film if you are up for a bit of seriousness and a laugh!

Story line - 7.9
Acting - 9.1
70's portrayal - 8.9

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