Friday, 7 February 2014

Mr Peabody and Sherman

I have to say I was really surprised by this film! I took my little one to see this at the weekend and he got really into it. Getting upset when he though Mr Peabody had died and happy when Penny was being nice to Sherman, such a cute kid! And do you know whose an even bigger kid? Me! I did not expect it to be as entertained as I was but I do believe a lot of it went over the children in the Theatres' head! I absolutely love it when a children's film caters to the grown ups watching too!

The animation takes a journey through many different eras, though is centered on our own and the fact Mr Peabody is at risk of losing his adopted son Sherman. Adopting him after a literal montage of his successes, as he believed he could raise him giving him a life he missed out on - regardless of being a dog! Sherman starts school and is clearly ahead of his class due to the information he has collected exploring with Mr Peabody in the 'WABAC' machine! However, he is disliked by Penny who is jealous that he appears to be smarter than her so she bullies him and calls him a 'dog' like his father. This leads to a fight and ultimately Mrs Grunion, a social worker, trying to remove Sherman from Mr Peabody's care and because of this Mr Peabody tries to force Penny and Sherman into a friendship. 

In a bid to impress Penny, Sherman shows her the 'WABAC' against his fathers wishes. Together they travel through time and visit Egypt during King Tuts rein but this quickly spirals out of control and soon he has to go back and get Mr Peabody to save them all. They visit Leonardo Da Vinc, get caught up in the French revolution and end up mixing the past with the present. Endangering everyone's future, they need to fix the past.

A real adventure and it brings you right along with it. Mr Peabody's clever puns mixed with Sherman's dopey self, you don't even need a child with you to enjoy this film. Following the footsteps of Shrek it has the combination so everyone can enjoy it. Though, a lot of the content won't be fully understood by children as it is historically focused but it could teach them a thing or two, it definitely taught me a few bits, but we should hope they don't confuse the facts with the fiction!

It featured some quite big names: Ty Burrell, Patrick Warburton, Stanley Tucci, Allison Janney and some brilliant child actors - Max Charles and Ariel Winter. Often when I recognise a voice, I find it hard to immerse properly into the movie as I am too busy focusing on the voice than the animation but not this time. With quite an all star cast behind it, Rob Minkoff has brought another great film to life. He directed 'The Lion King' and my guilty pleasure 'The Haunted Mansion' though it isn't highly rated... I believe this is in the race for his best work, thanks to the brilliant writers! 

Story Line - 9.2
Voices - 7.8
Animation - 8.4

I definitely recommend this film to families and anyone in all honesty. I heard a lot of adults having a giggle in the cinema but do feel some of the jokes wont be acknowledged by children who haven't learned it all yet. It is very entertaining and brings you on a little emotional roller coaster!

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