Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Film Review: The Impossible

'The Impossible'

Today I went with a friend to see 'The Impossible' starring Ewan Mcgregor and Naomi Watts. The Children in the film were great in their roles, though the script sounded a little too forced especially as far as the eldest son 'Lucas' (played by Tom Holland) was concerned - 'Mum, don't ever do that to me again, ever'. However, his acting on the most part was brilliant, considering the emotional scenes at hand.
The story is focused on the 2004 tsunami of the boxing day Thai horrors, which a French family went through. One of the luckiest families alive considering the 250000 that didn't survive. The film shows a happy, loving family celebrating Christmas on the beach. Then boxing day strikes, a lovely day down by the pool playing ball before a sea of trees, building and obviously, water hits. The family are taken and attacked by the wave but we see first Maria (Naomi Watts) and Lucas battle to find each other, assuming the rest are dead. Naomi's accent is not on top form, doing the typical British accent as if we're all posh rubbish. Nevertheless it's the best I've seen her acting and the heart warming story of her son helping to rescue her from near death made my eyes water! Surviving the waves second attack pulling back to sea, she manages to get to a Hospital thanks to some locals for the help she needs - pushing through the pain because 'she is all lucas has left in the world'.
We then move on to Henry (Ewan) Calling out for his wife and son, with his two youngest safe indoors. He leaves his small boys to go to the mountains for care and safety, whilst he continues to search for the rest of his family. I found this a tad strange as one was only 5, and as far as i'm concerned he should of stayed with them! Yet, as things would of had it, if he hadn't of left them, they wouldn't of all been reunited. Which for me, was the most emotional scene of the movie. The two boys screaming out for their older brother whilst he calls aimlessly for his father. The display brings Henry to them and with this had half the cinema in tears! Courageously she fights through after nearly admitting defeat and their insurance provider sends them to Singapore for proper medical care. They survived their beyond tragic family holiday!
It was a moving story that had me cringing at the wounds and bodies floating lifelessly in the water, sobbing at the loss of the tsunami and their beautiful reunion.
Acting: 7/10
Cinematics: 9/10
I do recommend if you're up for a cry, but it is a tad squeamish! I doubt i'll watch it again soon though.. Not one of those movies.

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